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Our growing network of good neighbors

You count on a good neighbor for advice, support and a helping hand. We’ve found Good Neighbors in many local community groups and service providers — people that share our concerns about indoor environmental health issues and how those issues affect the lives of the communities that we serve.

We’re pleased to call these groups our Good Neighbors:

union of social workers ccm visiting nurse association of ny

By frequently planning speaking engagements and information sessions, we voluntarily share our knowledge with these local non-profits and health organizations so that people can be well-informed and find solutions to their specific situations. Instructional presentations — hosted by our technicians — give us an opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise. In turn, our Good Neighbors generously share their advice and insights with us, helping us grow and structure our services to best serve our clients.

To become our Good Neighbor or to inquire about scheduling an instructional presentation, contact us at info@mmenviro.net.


union of social workers

From its start in 1976, this organization of non-profit agencies continues to assist New York City residents with mental retardation, and provides support and counseling to their families. IAC works with roughly 120 member agencies in New York City and the surrounding counties, providing training, support and guidance.


Comprehensive Care Management, a non-profit organization, is a multi-pronged network with several locations in the five boroughs, offering services like all-inclusive care for the elderly and assistance with prescription drug benefits. CCM provides an alternative to nursing homes, and tailors exclusive health programs to suit each client’s needs.

visiting nurses of new york

Bringing aid and care to those in need of home assistance, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York offers home health care not just to the elderly, but also to any other individual in need of care within their own home. VNS also works closely with doctors, physicians and hospitals to help collaborate in building personalized plans for their clients.