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Statement from Barry Myrick

Update - 5/20/2021

We are happy to announce that we have reached an amical resolution with Mr. Myrick regarding Roxy's future. M&M Environmental will arrange and pay for a veterinarian to give Roxy a full medical checkup to make sure she is in good health, and then allow her to be legally adopted by Mr. Myrick. Meanwhile, Mr. Myrick has agreed to raise money to help M&M Environmental cover the expenses of training a new bed bug detection dog.

What's most important to us is the safety and well-being of all of our incredible working dogs, including Roxy. It was our legal and moral responsibility to take action to verify that Roxy is in good health and that she was well taken care of. This is why we insist on giving Roxy one last vet visit to ensure her health before the adoption process takes place.

We, as a company, encourage a close relationship between handlers and canines. We allow our working dogs to live with their handlers, whom we pay to take proper care of them. At the same time, we ensure that our dogs remain healthy and strong by providing regular vet visits and the highest quality nutrition. Even after their employment ends, we encourage our handlers to adopt our canines. In each case, however, our paramount concern is for the dog to ensure the best quality of life. We are doing that with Roxy now.

This has been a difficult and challenging ordeal for all parties involved — much of which could have been avoided through honest and upfront communication from both sides. M&M Environmental will strive to help future employees better understand the expectations and protocols involved in working with our specialized working dogs. Although we will miss Roxy, we are happy that she will be in a loving home moving forward.

— M&M Environmental

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