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We Hear You.

We thank you for your concern towards Roxy and the unfortunate situation revolving around her, our company, and Barry Myrick.

Based on what was reported, we completely understand your anger and frustration. We know that Roxy is a living, breathing being and we recognize the bond that she has formed with Barry, whom we hired as a handler and caretaker for Roxy four years ago.

Just like you, we also want the best for Roxy. However, what was reported by Barry and his friends was misleading and untrue, and in consideration of the livelihoods of our hardworking employees and bed bug dogs, we ask you to consider our side of the story before passing judgment.

Please know that our dogs are not only specialty-trained bed bug sniffing dogs, but also a part of our family. We are a family-owned, minority-owned small business with over 40 frontline essential workers, who have all worked courageously and tirelessly around the clock during this pandemic to disinfect homes, buildings, and hospitals from COVID-19 and provide other emergency pest control services that protect the public's health and food supply.

Each of our canine colleagues, including Roxy, started as rescue puppies adopted by our company's owner, who personally drove from New York to Florida to start their 6-9 month extensive training to become certified bed bug detection dogs. Months after Roxy was already adopted and trained, we found and hired Barry to become her handler and caretaker.

In mid-March, 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic battered New York City, Barry asked to take two weeks off and told us that he would return to work at the end of March, 2020. However when the CARES Act on March 25th was signed into law, granting an additional $600 per week in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance on top of regular unemployment benefits, Barry requested to be furloughed for a few more weeks so he could stay home and collect unemployment until the pandemic was under control.

Although the majority of our employees continued working as essential frontline workers, in order to be accommodating to those who felt uncomfortable working, we agreed to Barry's request to be furloughed. At the time, Barry also asked us to allow Roxy and her dog supplies to stay with him, assuring us that he would return to work soon. Because of his promise, we agreed to let Roxy stay with him until he was ready to come back. Unfortunately, this was never to be the case.

At the beginning of May, Barry agreed to get a COVID test and come back to work. Three weeks later, he emailed us his negative COVID test results and agreed to pick up his uniform, vehicles, and supplies in June. Instead, on June 11th, Barry informed us that he had already permanently moved from Brooklyn to Pennsylvania, taking Roxy with him. Even after that shocking revelation, we were willing to work things out and possibly let him work long distance or potentially help expand our business in Philadelphia, but he did not return for the follow-up meeting.

When we asked him to bring Roxy back, Barry never showed up and instead sent an email informing us that he was ending his relationship with our company. After that, Barry refused to reply to any of our repeated calls, emails, texts, and letters, not even letting us know where Roxy was or if she was OK. Regrettably, we had no other options but to take legal action.

We are saddened that this situation has escalated to where it is today, and we are working hard to find a fair solution in everyone's best interests.

If you would like to know more or speak with us, please send an email to